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  1. After receiving two certificates, a service certificate and STCW, a yacht crew candidate fills out a resume in English
  2. Distribution of a candidate's resume to crewing companies
  3. After the resume is approved, the time for the Skype interview is agreed.
  4. Personal interview of the crewing company manager with each approved candidate via skype
  5. After successfully passing the interview - placement of the candidate in the database (on the website) of the crewing company
  6. Second interview - with the captain of the yacht via skype
  7. After a successful interview with the captain of the yacht - receiving a job contract by e-mail. Familiarization and signing of the contract
  8. Arrival at the yacht base
  9. Meeting with the manager of the crewing company, arrival on board and introduction to the chief steward
  10. Accommodation in the cabin, obtaining a uniform, introductory safety briefing on the yacht
  11. Performing duties under the supervision of the chief steward during the trial period (1 month)
  12. Independent performance of work.